Snack Snob - Our Mission
Our Mission
Our Mission

To find the cure for AIDS, feed the hungry, abolish tyranny and have world peace… Oops, that was Miss Universe (fill in name) _____ (fill in year) _____.

Actually, our ambition is much more humble. What you will find on the pages of our web site are delightful gifts whose sole mission is to put a smile on your face. A moment of happiness and fun, no matter how fleeting.

The designs of our gift boxes and headers are original. Some are inspired by the past; the world of whimsy and innocence if only make-believe. You can see that reflected in Hearts Anytime, For The Holidays, and the Alice in Wonderland inspired Christmas Crowns. Like Alice, we want to celebrate the UN-Birthdays, UN-Valentines and UN-Special Occasions. We want to celebrate the other 364 days of the year and invite you to do the same.

But we also rejoice in the NOW and look forward to the future. We are fascinated by Paris Hilton and Jeffrey Koons. We like the spontaneous combustion of color and humor of 60s' Duo, the simple and elegant lines of Gourmet Group, and the plaids and stripes of the Snack Line. We want to be good, but it's also fun to be bad.

To make these gifts even more engaging, we have added To:___ and From:___ on the back designs of the Hearts Anytime and For The Holidays gift boxes. Use them like you would a card, give them with a bouquet of flowers and put a smile on someone's else face.

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