Snack Snob - 60s Duo
Snack Snob 60s Duo
Snack Snob Anytime

The 60s Duo are designed for the everyday celebrations in your life: parties, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays...

On the back of each box, a diecut window shows its sweet contents, Champagne Bubbles and Rock Candy Crystal dreams...

These two will add fireworks to any festivities that you have in mind.

Champagne Bubbles
Champagne Bubbles
Champagne Bubbles

NET WT. 6 oz. (170g)

Champagne-flavored "Jelly Belly"
jells covered in cream white-colored
non-pareil seeds.
Does not contain any alcohol content.

+ Nutrition Facts
Rock Candy Crystals
Rock Candy Crystals
Rock Candy Crystals

NET WT. 8 oz. (227g)

Blue Raspberry Flavor
Pure Sugar Cane Crystals

(Rock Candy is made by a process
of crystallization, a process similar
to nature's formation of quartz and

+ Nutrition Facts
Certified California Organic Farmers AIB USDA Organic

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