About Us
About Us

Exel-Pak began Private Label operations in 1999. Within couple of years, it had landed some most sought after Private Label accounts.

Since then, the list of clients has grown significantly; Bristol Farms, BevMo, Costco, Cost Plus, Jamba Juice, Botanical Laboratories, Ralphs and others have been added. From large accounts to small, Exel-Pak has worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure superior service and success of its clients. Our creative and experienced engineering staff started in the area of packaging line design over 20 years ago, giving us unique advantage at providing well packaged and cost-effective product.

Private Label has become synonymous with high quality product and it created great consumer loyalty. What was a trend is now a requirement. All retailers want to offer better value to their consumers, create brand loyalty and most of all have control over what is sold in their stores, with branded product providing their own unique interpretation focused on consumers needs.

We have honed our skills with flexible lead-time, private label packaging for high turning items-nobody does it better!

We understand it, we feel, it, we live it!

Look no further!

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